Her Mission

Alexandra aims to ensure that the entire district is run as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure that all of the district's educators are given the resources necessary to educate all students to their fullest potential. She aims to give everyone a voice in the important issues facing the district and encourages the community to come together to solve important problems collectively. 

Connectivity enables transparency for better government, education, and health.
— Bill Gates

What the District Needs

  • Greater transparency between Board, Superintendent, and community.
  • Hiring Union Workers for work inside the district. 
  • Advocates for teacher benefits & pay.
  • Attention to low-income families and closing the graduation gap.
  • Advocates for making schools a safe place for LGBTQ, immigrants, and students of color, and backing the non-tolerance policy against racism, sexism, bullying, and harassment of all kinds. 
  • Implementing new technology directly into the classroom and giving educators mentoring resources to use technology effectively. 
  • Only sourcing local food for students to eat, to support local farmers instead of sourcing from outside Colorado. 
  • Greater attention to improving environmental efficiency of all buildings. 
  • Advocates for Public School Choice not Private School Vouchers.