An American imperative- Public Education

"Students and their parents have a primary interest in the nature and quality of the education our schools provide. But the broader public also has an interest in students’ acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to contribute to society as workers and citizens. How students are educated today will substantially determine the kind of society we all will live in tomorrow" (Resnick, 2006). 

Achievement Gap

Boulder Valley has one of the largest achievement gaps in Colorado, especially between our Hispanic and White students and this has to become a top priority for our district. Additionally our Hispanic students are not the only ones who are struggling, we have a large number of students in our district who are not able to read at their grade level if at all. Personalizing education, increasing early childhood education enrollment, training teachers on how to provide different resources for each student, collaborating with community educational organizations (FLC and the Community Foundation), and implementing a educator/student program to help our students feel more safe at school will all help to close the gap that seems to be widening.

Hiring new Superintendent


Budget Spending

Below is a chart of the BVSD expenditures by services for year 2016-2017.

My main concern is the rate in which our student body is increasing in comparison to how we are increasing both our administration size and pay. We have had a large increase in central administration over the past five years, these positions being assistant directors, directors, executive directors, and chief officers. We need to closelyexamine if this rapid rate of increase in administration is the most efficient use of our funds. We have a lot of students in our district that aren't able to read at their grade level or at all for example, so we need to be increasingly stringent on how we manage and distribute funds. Our board members need to be actively trying to allocate our resources where they are needed most. Our goal of course is to support all of our students and provide high quality instruction and resources to maximize every student's potential, if we want to achieve this we have to take a deeper look at things such as our central administration and our outside professional services in order to ensure we are putting enough money into our classrooms. 

BVSD Expenditures by Services 2016-2017